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Is Leonardo DiCaprio getting married

  • Leonardo DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have been dating for quite a time now, and their fans absolutely adore them. Here is a piece of good news for their fans. As per the reports, the couple is soon planning to get married. Read on to know more.
Leonardo DiCaprio
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Reportedly, The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Star has already proposed to the model. And another good news is that her family has also approved of the wedding. Reports claim that Leonardo and Morrone had been engaged recently.

As per the report by, Leonardo DiCaprio had to ask for Camila Morrone’s dad for permission before taking the big step. Her father was happy to give his blessing.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone wedding date is not set due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It might be possible that Leo and Camila decided to marry next year when things are better or have a simple ceremony with close friends and family.

It is reported that DiCaprio and Morrone are already engaged as the model was seen wearing an engagement ring when she visited her mother. Further, it seems that Leonardo DiCaprio is ready to marry Camila Morrone and settle down after the actor brought her to the Academy Awards as his date. Is Leonardo DiCaprio really married? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Getting Married

At this point, this is a tired story. Woman’s Day made an identical claim last year that DiCaprio would propose on Morrone’s birthday, yet no proposal came. DiCaprio and Morrone are still together, but they’re still only dating.

Back in 2019, OK! claimed that DiCaprio would propose to Morrone with the help of Brad Pitt. That engagement never happened, so it looks like this outlet is just recycling ideas.

This outlet has also reported that DiCaprio and Morrone were married with a baby on the way. If it was wrong then, why would it be correct now? It later said that the two were struggling over their long-distance relationship, but they’ve reunited pretty frequently.

This tabloid seems determined to print DiCaprio engagement stories every year regardless of what’s actually going on. If DiCaprio and Morrone do get engaged, Gossip Cop won’t be the least bit surprised, but that won’t change the fact that this story is completely bogus.

  1. Why Leonardo is still not married ?


Leonardo is still not married: As we know Leonardo is very involved in climate change-related topics. Looking at his Instagram profile, he doesn’t post photos of him with his girlfriends. He rather posts content about the current climate situation and thus raising awareness to the people. Currently, Leo has 47.7 million followers on his Instagram account but none of them include photos of him with his girlfriends. The same thing goes in his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Leonardo knows the effect of overpopulation on the environment. How overpopulation has lead to deforestation, environmental pollution, habitat loss, the sixth mass extinction, excessive farming practices, and the consumption of limited natural resources, including arable land and fossil fuels.

This might be the reason why Leonardo who is 46 years old and is still not married. He possibly might not have kids in case he decides to get married in the future.

Leonardo won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his outstanding performance in the western/adventure movie The Revenant. In the acceptance speech too, he talked about climate change.

  • Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend
Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend
Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend
Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend ??
Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend ??

Currently, Leonardo is dating Camila Morrone. Camila is an American  Argentine model and actress who has appeared in the movies like Death Wish and Never Goin’ Back. The couple is living together enjoying each other’s company.

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